Two of our members - Nicolas Marichal and Jill Mathieu - got their hands on this awesome passenger information display - or as we like to call it a cool-ass split flap thing.

Who doesn't know the big black information boards in the train stations in Belgium? And who doesn't like that well-known sound of the panels spinning when the train information is updated? Unfortunately most of these PIDs have been replaced by LED screens, but luckily one has ended up in Urban Republic.

The aim of this project is to create a virtual conversation between strangers passing by in the street. Or at least a virtual spark by having people send messages to our PID.

Wishes and needs:

* electrician to install the damn thing (preferably one with muscles)

* software genius to enable the virtual conversations

* word lovers to write fun, short messages to inspire and activate passers-by

* or cash to pay for the previous

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