About Urban Republic / 

We are a fun-loving group of Ghentians.

We hope to inspire and surprise, to challenge and activate, to meet and connect. 

To create a local social hub by organizing events - big and small - on all urban topics. 

Events that are based on volunteer work and only have one mission: create short blasts of inspiration and excitement about how today’s modern world is transforming into the next civilization.


City life and nature, intox and detox, tourism and meaningful entrepreneurship, local promotion, art & culture are some of the basic pillars that we take as our guidelines. Oh, and food and drinks. As decent Belgians this is our civic duty.


Don’t expect big things.

We like to keep it small. 

We like to keep it local. 

We like to keep it fun. 

And yes, we promise to deliver you some kick-ass quality.

Founding and working members / 

Nicolas Marichal

Intergalactic Overlord of the Urban Republic, impolite copy writer, Belgian beer and jenever lover, enthusiastic yet still amateurish mixologist, storyteller and mass entertainer, knows the coolest stories about Ghent

Jill Mathieu

Commander of the Urban Republic, ambassador of buzz and copy cruncher (check out ink.be), tiny house and cider lover, dancing queen, should-have-been-a-model-fashionista and all round kick ass boss babe

Barbara Symons

Prime Minister of the Urban Republic, leading lady at The Hide (the best apartment hotel in Ghent), pilates and chocolate addict, herder of canines, style queen with an attitude, eternal optimist and je-m'en-foutist-in-training.

Rudolf van der Ven

King Of The Nerds at Urban Republic, creator of sexy sauces (check out his web designs and photography), marketing rock star, Lamborghini addict (and other disgustingly exciting cars), operations ninja and a sweet, dorky gentleman (ladies, Rudolf is still single)

Filip Van Den Rijse

Supreme Chancellor of the Urban Republic, leader of the infamous Ghent Cheese Kartel better known as Het Hinkelspel, world traveller and public transport lover (dude has no driver's license), famous for his sensuous voice, good looks and rock 'n roll attitude

Rune Buurman

Chief Obedience Officer at Urban Republic, number ninja, rules and laws fascist, collector of magic 8 balls and 3D-Viewmasters, prohibition activist, paranoid-in-chief (no pictures on the internet anywhere) and workflow guru

Nele Vanden Abeele

Director Of Fun at Urban Republic, guardian & master of KISS (keeping it simply stupid, as well as the smooching thing), happiness hero, excellent cook and all-time beauty

Frederik Bonne

Musical Overlord and Vibe Manager at Urban Republic, president of the KaChing KaChing, bike guru and incurable addict, Jamaika's main man - but it's ok ladies, she is willing to share.