Frequently Asked Questions

Is Urban Republic a non-profit organization?

Yes, we are. We are a "vereniging zonder winstoogmerk". And follow the code for companies and associations (wvv)

What do you do?

We organize different types of events and projects all focused on the paradoxes and challenges of city life. We want to strengthen the heartbeat of the city and the challenges it brings. We focus on different topics like nature in the city, intox & detox, tourism and economy, regional promotion and involvement, knowledge & skills, art & culture, meaningful entrepreneurship, etc... Our goal is to organize one Urban Republic event per year.

Why would I join Urban Republic?

Because it's fun. And because we like to connect people and create a social hub. Oh, and because we don't have any cash. So all our projects and events are based on volunteer work.

What kind of volunteer work do you offer?

Impossible question to answer. Because it depends on each specific event or project. Sometimes we will need hands that like to get dirty. Or people that love taking pictures. Or serve drinks. Or write letters. Or build stuff. etc... Becoming a volunteer at Urban Republic is not a fixed commitment. You check out the project that is going on. You decide if you like it or think it is worth your time and then you just give us a shout out and join the party.

Do I get paid as a volunteer?

Nope! All our resources are being invested back into the project.

Are you looking for sponsors?

Yes, please! We would love to have us some sugar daddies or mommies. :)

Even more question? Contact Us!

Want to join Urban Republic?

Create some city stories together?

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers .

So just drop us a line and we will let you know

what the latest cool project is we are working on.  

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