URBAN REPUBLIC has some ambitious projects in mind and we got the get some cash to make all the magic happen. So we decided to organise a summer bar. The best recipe for having a fantastic summer holiday and of course the best excuse to team up with some local partners, because that's how we like it.

Urban Republic is taking over the soft green grass of The Hide. Young and old can come and relax here in one of our beach chairs, enjoying a summer cocktail, a local aperitif or a surprising Belgian beer.

Who doesn't enjoy a little appetizer when sipping on their cocktail or glass of wine. We sure do. So we hooked up with the Ghent restaurant Komparto. They specialise in food sharing and they will bring some of their yummiest dishes to our summer bar. All prepared on their amazing Ofyr.

If you're from Ghent there's no need to introduce you HUZAAR. This typical, Flemish brown pub doesn't believe in fancy dress up. Serving great beers and other drinks are the only thing Wim and Dimi care about. We are proud to announce that HUZAAR made the perfect beer selection for our summer bar for all your taste butts to explode.

Sipping a cocktail - or a mocktail for that matter - should be all about discoveries. A bit like unwrapping a gift. And did we find a great partner with Macaw who brings you delicious, unexpected taste combinations with all natural ingredients. So don't be shy and come try out these surprisingly delicious cocktails and mocktails.

Ghent has such a rich culinary character. And we are so happy to be able to serve you some local delicacies like the exquisite Roomer or the savoury Ginderella.

Sylvie, one of our volunteers has been experimenting with fresh fruits to create some tasty sirops for our home-made lemonades.

We even might get the secret recipe of dreamCatchers's purronade. Yes, indeed. We might sell it for hard cash. We're still deliberating on it.

Anyway, we're gonna try and surprise you with fruity flavours throughout the summer.

See you soon!

Urban Republic

ps. Wanna join all the fun and become part of our social hub?! Just send us an email. :)

details summer bar

The Hideout - Urban Republic edition

Nederkouter 134

9000 Gent

opening hours:

monday-wednesday: closed

thursday-friday: 16-22

Saturday-sunday: 14-22

no reservations possible!

COVID 19 safety rules apply!

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