Updated: May 15

How wonderful would it be to dress up the city of Ghent with luscious green garden towers and living walls? Super Dooper, we say!

URBAN REPUBLIC is trying to get Liam, creator of “Whats Growin’ On UK", to Ghent to help us bring some extra green deliciousness into the streets.

Liam has worked on multiple organic permaculture farms around the world and moving to London challenged him to practise hydroponics and other methods of growing his own food in indoor/urban environments. By using vertical tower gardens he grows fruit, vegetables, herbs, houseplants all year round in a minimal space.

Vertical garden towers take up less space, use less soil, attract wildlife, revamp ugly concrete walls and pillars, and bring .plenty of colour. Not to mention the added sense of calm and tranquility the greenery brings to the grounds. Super Dooper indeed!

We are talking with Liam about coming to Ghent for a couple of weeks to organise some workshops on how to install your own hydroponic vertical graden and of course make it grow and blossom. And we would love to install some vertical gardens of our own.

Want & Need List:

* Do you know organisations or fun gentians who would want to join this project?

* Budget for the installation of at least 3 hydroponic gardens

* People who want to join the workshops

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