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Inspired by the Spanish artist Raquel Rodrigo who brings her cross-stitching skills of traditional red roses to the streets of Spain, we want to create something similar in Ghent. Cross-stitch techniques, colourful wires or just plastic cups to bring some excitement and joy.

#choosetochallenge is the theme of International Women's Day 2021. A challenged world is an alert world. Each one of us is responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day. We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias & inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements.

ZERO FUCKS is a female take on street art and a statement piece that breathes the #choosetochallenge theme.

ZERO FUCKS is a piece of embroidery—girly, huh!—carefully stitched to inspire women to relieve themselves of the anxiety, fear, and guilt that come with saying no to the expectations of society and those around them. It’s more than a 100 hours of needlework, 10 metres of gaze and 600 metres of wire as a refusal to have women's self-esteem be chipped away at - day after day.

ZERO FUCKS is not only a statement piece but also a temporary local platform for female entrepreneurs to share their events & actions celebrating International Women's Day.

Visit the ZERO FUCKS website and let yourself be amazed by all the female power Ghent and beyond has to offer!


We are still looking for volunteers to create new urban embroidery art or statement pieces to brighten up the city street of Ghent.

Want & Need List:

* enthusiastic diners with tons of yarn or cups or any other material that can be used to create something beautifully uplifting.

* creative minds to sketch an awesome design.

* patient souls to crochet or install the cups.

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